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Next stop, the Supreme Court. A federal appeals court has upheld a lower-court decision throwing out President Trump‘s travel ban. The Virginia-based U.S. Court of Appeals for the 4th Circuit, in a 10-to-3 vote today (Wednesday), barred the White House from banning entry to people from six predominantly Muslim countries. The appeals court agreed with a […]

A federal judge in Hawaii still believes the executive order to be discriminatory towards Muslims.   Welp, another travel ban bites the dust. A federal judge in Hawaii on Wednesday night blocked President Trump’s ban on travel from six majority Muslim countries nationwide, dealing yet another blow to a White House that hasn’t had a […]

MSNBC panelists doubted President Donald Trump's sanity Tuesday after he talked about Black history in a way to promote his ban restricting travel from Muslim countries during his first visit to the Smithsonian National Museum of African-American History.

A U.S. federal appeals court blocked a request by the Department of Justice to reinstate President Donald Trump’s controversial travel ban on Sunday.

Bremerton City Councilwoman Leslie Daugs was apprehended on Tuesday following an outburst at Sen. Jeff Sessions’ confirmation hearing.

Mike Hager, a former Iraq refugee, now U.S. citizen, says his 75-year-old mother was not allowed to return to America even though she possessed a green card.   Mike Hager, a Detroit business owner and former Iraq war contractor, voiced severe devastation after finding out that his 75-year-old mother died within 24 hours of being denied […]

Sally "(Yates) has betrayed the Department of Justice," the White House statement said, writes CNN.