Cash Money is celebrating its 20th anniversary with a brand new app. The Apple store exclusive will allow users to recreate iconic album covers with their own personal photos. It also includes a free sticker pack with 20 designs, and a “tattoo pack” of Birdman and Weezy’s ink. The app also lets Cash Money fans […]

Men’s rompers have made their debut … and everyone is going crazy. Yes, rompers, as in one-pieces where the shirt and shorts are attached. The “RompHim” (instead of Romp-“HER”) has raised nearly half of its $100,000 goal on Kickstarter, and the reactions range from confused to downright disgusted. Either way, it’s making a splash. (College […]

This is good news to hear… Teens are using their smart phones more and drugs less. I know this hits home for me because I have a teen and he’s always on his phone playing games and Youtube and Ig. So this is good news to hear. Researchers believe the connection between smartphones and drug […]

According to a new study, we are good at seeing who likes us at work – but we’re also really bad seeing who our enemies are while on the job. Researchers found that most people don’t actively hide the fact that they’re competitive at work, but will act like a friend, even if they are an […]

Jadakiss and Swiss Beats team back up to drop a new song called ‘Jason’ just in time for Halloween. Take a listen to the track and let me know what you think? Is it Fasho or FaNo?  Also look out for Jadakiss’ oft-delayed album Top 5 Dead or Alive.  

City Leader spoke today about The UC’s police officer’s body cam recording during a traffic stop that ended with a fatal shooting. City Manager Harry Black said  he hasn’t seen the video from Tensing’s camera, he’s been told what’s on it and “it was not a good situation.” “Someone has died that didn’t necessarily have to die, and […]

Is The Beef over between K Michelle & Tamar Braxton? Word has it that they’re putting their differences aside and uniting for a performance at the BET Awards 2015. According to a Tamar Braxton interview with ET. K Michelle also sent a tweet out the performance. Check out the video below!!!

  Yg and Dj Mustard start the new year off on a good note. They had beef but they made up. In the early hours of New Year’s Day, the Compton rapper and platinum producer posted the same Instagram photo of themselves in front of two Rolls-Royces. What are your thoughts on there beef? SOURCE  […]

Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen Want to Get Their Designing Hands on Michelle Obama Does 1st Lady, Michelle needs some help in the fashion department? The Olsen twins seem to think so. Check out what they had to say.