This week President Barack Obama is in Ohio reporting on the progress that the United States auto industry has made.  Don’t miss Straight Talk from 8:00 am to 10:00 am every Sunday morning. Watch the address then call me and tell me what you think at 513.749.1230 Follow Nathan’s rants on culture, politics and […]

Everyone has been complaining about the gas prices. This week President Obama address the United States reliance on foreign oil. His proposal is to extend oil drilling in the US and in the Gulf of Mexico. Watch the address then give me a call at 513.749.1011              

Everybody Hates Chris (topher Smithermen) Mike Allen, at the time he was the Hamilton County Prosecutor, once called him a “smart-mouthed little punk.” Since then he has become the President of the Cincinnati NAACP, Christopher Smithermen will be my guest this morning at 8 am, in studio. Mr. Smithermen will be discussing, the street car, […]

Welcome to Nathan’s Notes, a weekly reference guide to Straight Talk Live. Within this post you will find links and flows on everything that will be discussed during today’s show.  Are You Riding Dirty? Cincinnati Police have begun a new effort to make the streets of Cincinnati safe, and in doing so, made national news. […]

“I’m sure that everyone out listening agrees, that every thing you see is not really how it be”-Mos Def Straight Talk Live, the last honest place in America, returns with with more provacative talk radio. This Sunday morning. Iris Roley, former member of the Black United Front (BUF) and recently named on the committee to elect a […]

The LeBron James hullabaloo has finally died down, and now LeBronn is preparing for the post-season with with his mistress. Her name is Miami. Indeed, the melodrama that played out between James and the cities of Cleveland and Miami share an orbit with classic daytime soap opera love triangles where boy meets Boo. Boy meets […]

Sucka MC’s and flabby frontal lobes beware!  Straight Talk Live is back in the spotlight this morning. Lock our number into your memory banks (513.749.1011),and get ready for for more taboo talk. What’s on the table for discussion this morning,?  There are several very serious conversations that we need to have this morning that include:  Obama […]

Here’s a Cool Idea: Cincinnati Police Officers should not chase suspects of petty crimes (currently stealing a car is a felony and thref=”https://t the movies, unless there is a clear and present danger to the general public, police officers should resist their Bo and Luke Duke urges to burn rubber after bad guys. It’s just not […]

  The President calls for Democrats and Republicans to come together on a budget that cuts wasteful spending without sacrificing job-creating investments in education, innovation, and infrastructure. Listen the Presidential address here. Farrakhan calls out Rhianna The infamously incendiary leader of the Nation of Islam, Min. Louis Farrakhan made headlines this week after calling out […]

A report was recently released by HUD alleging that CMHA has been discriminating against African Americans as it deals with their tenants. The yearly budget is about 100million dollars, tax dollars and it look as if the money is being misused. Read the report here. A word from HQS- Housing Quality Standards (HQS) are minimum […]

“I am not your baby! Call me Officer!”-Cincinnati Police Officer Mandy Curfiss The show starts with, what I expect to be a very interesting conversation with a member of TLC’s new hit reality show “Police Women of Cincinnati “(Thursday nights at 9pm).   Here is a description of the series from TLC’s website:  “The latest installment […]

The Black community needs a wake up call. The phenomena known as “sagging jeans” while asthetically unflatterring, is far less harmful than, say, black hair care products is to the black community, but noone is talk about it. (except for me that it!) Do a quick google search of your own opinions and weigh in […]