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The President calls for Democrats and Republicans to come together on a budget that cuts wasteful spending without sacrificing job-creating investments in education, innovation, and infrastructure. Listen the Presidential address here.

Farrakhan calls out Rhianna

The infamously incendiary leader of the Nation of Islam, Min. Louis Farrakhan made headlines this week after calling out R & B entertainer Rhianna during the Saviors Day speech.

Stop Aids Cincinnati Funding is cut

I recently had the pleasure of interviewing the Director of Stop Aidsof Cincinnati formerly known as AVOC (Aids Volunteers of Cincinnati.) And I was impressed at the worth that they do providing life-saving support to people in the city of Cincinnati. Apparently, city-council is not impressed, because I recently found out that the funding for Stop Aids is being cut by 100 %.  How much does that leave?  What will be the impact? check out the show this morning to find out.

Amnesty for Cincinnatians

In an effort to collect more revenue the city of Cincinnati will grant amnesty on all parking tickets and taxes.  You have until March 31st to pay all taxes without fines, and until June 30th to pay parking tickets. (Don’t you hate when they double?.)  Personally, I think that public fines and taxes should be added to the all-time greatest hustles list. Take advantage of this opportunity.   

The Statue Formerly Known as a Fountain on the Square

 “Nothing better symbolizes the pathetic state of the city of Cincinnati’s finances than the image, soon to be a reality, of a spectacular public fountain with no water running through it.”  Can the city of Cincinnati get any more lame? (Its rhetorical, I know that we can.

Join the Mayor tonight for a  “Under Cover Boss” watch party!

It’s still hard for me to believe that a Cincinnati city worker could not recognize the mayor. I have interviewed Mark Mallory several times.  Mallory is the type of man that stands out ( Hench the nickname Mr.2837.) If you want to watch the episode with Cincinnati Mayor Mark Mallory, it’s on CBS tonight at 9 pm. Until then, check out this clip of  Rick Wilson Mark Mallory undercover.

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