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Everybody Hates Chris (topher Smithermen)

Mike Allen, at the time he was the Hamilton County Prosecutor, once called him a “smart-mouthed little punk.” Since then he has become the President of the Cincinnati NAACP, Christopher Smithermen will be my guest this morning at 8 am, in studio. Mr. Smithermen will be discussing, the street car, Mayoral recall, and the other proposed charter amendments.

Are you feeling the pain at the pump yet?

Locally gas prices are soaring somewhere above $4 a gallon. I keep reading that “demand” is raising around the world. “Analysts” are saying that the high prices are caused by an imbalance in supply and demand. (Yea, the type of “imbalance” that helps the oil companies post record profits) I submit two things to you: 1. $ 4 per gallon gasoline is more pornographic than anything Larry Flynt ever produced. And, 2. America desperately needs to shake her oil habit, we need 12 steps toward a fossil-fuel free country. Search for cheap gas in Cincinnati here.

Cincinnati Public Schools Needs Your Help

Cincinnati Public Schools (CPS) issued a call to action this week. CPS is looking for mentors, Volunteers and partnerships to help launch an imitative to improve the success rate for its black male students. We need M.O.R.E. (Men Organized, Respectful and Educated) is the name of the campaign.  The plan is to launch young men’s clubs in 10 schools.  The goal is to improve black male’s grades, graduation rates, and college readiness.  This is an opportunity for people to help their community, but working directly with youth.

3-5-4 is the Magic Number

The University of Cincinnati plans to increase tuition for Ohio undergraduates on its main campus next year.  A 3.5% tuition hike equals, roughly, $354. This will increaseannual tuition to $10,419 per year. Cost for regional campuses in Blue Ash and Batavia, graduate and professional programs could increase as well. My question is simple: If education is the key to the American dream, then WTF do you call it when you can’t afford to go to college?

Other Flows: I may, or may not get a chance to deliver a few thoughts on these issues:

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Ohio’s Heartbeat Law

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