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Welcome to Nathan’s Notes, a weekly reference guide to Straight Talk Live. Within this post you will find links and flows on everything that will be discussed during today’s show.

 Are You Riding Dirty?

Cincinnati Police have begun a new effort to make the streets of Cincinnati safe, and in doing so, made national news. The culprit? Oversized rims. That’s right; your “dubs” may lead to your car being impounded. Off the top of the dome, it feels like a culture crackdown. It feels like, once again, Cincinnati authorities are on the wrong side of an issue.  My guest this morning will be Seargent Danita Kilgore, spokesperson for the Cincinnati Police. She will be taking your phone calls on the issue. Don’t miss our conversation at 8:00 am.

Mars Vs. Madea

Tyler Perry can’t get a break-but does he really deserve one? Spike Lee has been going-in on Tyler Perry for some time. Spike believes that Tyler Perry’s contribution to the world of film has been akin to buffoonery, and coonery. Most of his criticism surrounds the Madea character. Tyler Perry has said that “only negroes” criticize each other publicly in this manner. How do you feel about this? On which side does your opinion fall?  Do you agree with Spike? Or do you agree with Tyler Perry?  I will be taking your phone calls on the subject this morning at 513.749.1011

 Gov. Kasich Gets Sued

I wouldn’t elect John Kasich to wash my car, but the people of Ohio voted him governor. On Feb. 18th, Kasich signed his Jobs Ohio plan into law. Jobs Ohio is a so-called non-profit quasi -governmental board consisting of nine members handpicked by the head Sucka in charge… In fact, Kasich himself serves has the chairman.  But is the Governor’s plan constitutional?  State Sen. Mike Skindell of Lakewood, State Rep. Dennis Murray of Sandusky, and are all plaintiffs in a lawsuit that believes the semi-private entity crosses constitutional lines.

“The interest of political expediency does not trump the Ohio Constitution, which for over 150 years has existed in this state, and every other governor has managed to abide by it and create jobs,” said Brian Rothenberg,’s executive director.

Why does Kasich have to hide?

 Supreme Court Refuses To Hear The Tracy Hunter Case

The local, two- party establishment really tried to play Tracy Hunter.  First she was under supported by the Democrats in her endeavor to become the next Common Pleas Judge of the Juvenile Court Division of Hamilton County. Since the fallout with the ballots, the Republicans have been stone walling court orders to recount the votes. When Tracy Hunter came to Straight Talk back in February, she told me that she was in the process of appealing to the Supreme Court.  This week the Supreme Court decided to not hear her case which means that local election officials will have to abide by the decision of Judge Susan Dlott. What does this mean?  Simple, the votes will have to be recounted, and it’s very likely that Tracy Hunter could be the next Common Pleas Judge. My only question is this: Where are the ballots?  Are the safe? Have they been tampered with?


Remote-Controlled Warfare

I’m big fan of SyFy movies.  One of my favorites is the terminator, starting Arnold Schwarzenegger. At its core “Terminator” is a cautionary tale, of mankind putting too much trust in machines. Then the machines take over.  I read this week that the U.S. Military has been using “terminator drones” in Afghanistan and now Lybia. Unmanned, yet man-made, remote controlled vehicles are being relied on more and more by the military. The logic for using such technology is sound. It may save US military lives, but when your remove the human element, you reduce war to a video game. People are more than electronic blips on a screen-at least they used to be.

Do you know who Alec is?

The American Legislative Exchange Council is coming to Cincinnati this Friday (There Spring Task Force will meet in Cincinnati on the 28th and 29th). If you have never heard of them before, they are a conservative think tank dedicated to promoting bad ideas, in fact dangerous ideas in the name of traditional Republican values. They support Senate Bill 5, and the privatization of Ohio’s prisons. This organization is so infamous that there is actually a protest scheduled.  This organization is worthy of more attention and scrutiny

Obama’s Weekly Address

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