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“I am not your baby! Call me Officer!”-Cincinnati Police Officer Mandy Curfiss

The show starts with, what I expect to be a very interesting conversation with a member of TLC’s new hit reality show “Police Women of Cincinnati “(Thursday nights at 9pm).   Here is a description of the series from TLC’s website: 

The latest installment of the hit Police Women franchise moves to Cincinnati, Ohio — the Queen City. These fearless female officers will encounter intense cop drama and action, all while balancing kids, significant others, and life at home”

Meet the Officers Here

Ever wonder what’s it’s like to police the mean streets of Cincinnati?  Make sure you listen to Straight Talk Live this morning at 8 am.


“Mubarak, Game Over You Must Leave”-Egyptian protestor

It looks like the reign of Hosni Mubarak is about to come to an end.  For 30 years, banking largely on foreign powers, Mubarak has controlled every aspect of Egyptians lives.  Mubarak is a throwback dictator with powerful allies. Sparked by a successful uprising in Tunisia, the people of Egypt have taken to the streets during the age of instant global news-and the cat is out of the bag. President Obama has some tough decisions ahead.  There are so many questions about the images purportedly coming from Egypt. I will give answers to the following:

  • What in the hell is going on in Egypt?
  • Will what’s going on in Egypt have an impact on me?
  • What role does the United States have in the crisis in Egypt?
  • What should the United States do now?

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