Many rape victims fear they will be sexually assaulted again, and Roar for Good is trying to lessen that fear anyway it can.

A woman claims she was gang-raped by Derrick Rose and friends, but he claims she is misconstruing things because of her anger over petty little things. Who is telling the truth? Click here to get his response to the allegations. Follow @RussParrShow Keep Up With The Russ Parr Morning Show … LIKE Him On Facebook!


A Sunrise, Florida man is facing first-degree murder charges for killing and sexually mutilating his girlfriend with so much force, he ripped her intestines out. According to police, Fidel…

Actor-comedian Damon Wayans made some disparaging comments this past weekend in an interview when he stated he didn’t believe Bill Cosby‘s accusers weren’t really raped by…


Medical professionals are calling the incident "inexcusable" and say that the patient should have never been hurt while seeking medical attention.

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Two more women have come forward accusing Bill Cosby of the unthinkable. Yesterday, they’ve lawyered up and accused everybody’s favorite tv show DAD of sexual assault. That brings the total amount of accusers to 40. All of whom will be represented by Gloria Allred. Old Billy will be back before a judge in October to […]

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There’s been a few Bill Cosby apologists out there, like Jill Scott and Whoopi Goldberg, but they’ve since changed their views about the famed comedian…

Bill Cosby admitted to shamelessly using money, power and drugs to pursue women for his numerous affairs in court documents that have just been released. This just keeps getting worse. In a 2005 deposition obtained by The New York Times, Cosby detailed how he met a number of different women before getting intimate with them. […]


In a Wednesday White House press conference to discuss the recent Iranian nuclear deal, President Obama addressed the sexual assault allegations against comedian Bill Cosby, saying…

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The non believers are making their voices heard and they don’t care what you think! Whoopi Goldberg is speaking out on behalf of the Bill Cosby controversy after the recent release of a deposition in which everyone’s fav TV Dad admits to sedating women for sex. Whoopi had this to say… “I don’t like snap […]

Since news surfaced that Bill Cosby admitted to drugging a woman with intent to have sex back in 2005, Disney will remove its statue of the once-beloved…

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Back in February, a woman alleges rapper/actor Tyga, forced her to drink alcohol, while on camera topless. She has since received a healthy settlement once she retained a lawyer. Yet according to her bank account she only received half. Tyga, who has a role in the new comedy, Dope should be able to pay the […]