Tatum Takeover

On Monday’s episode of Love and Hip Hop: Unlocked, Ray J’s ex Princess Love brought up his two flames from the past in a messy game of “who hooked up with who” along with other cast members of Love & Hip-Hop. The singer didn’t seem to recall the supposed hookup with Tommie Lee, and was just as surprised […]

Tatum Takeover

A judge had just granted the former Love & Hip Hop star request to dismiss the divorce case against Ray J, according to Blast. Princess Love filed last May after 4 years of marriage. No reason was mentioned as to why Princess Love changed her mind. But now the 2 will remained married unless someone […]

411 With Nella D

Ray J stopped by the Wendy Williams show to clear up rumors that him and Princess Love are no longer together and why she was really mad at him. Check it out below.


  Ray J sees big business ahead in the scooter ride-sharing world, eyeing competition like Bird & Lime-S scooters, and he’s starting off with a massive deal to make it happen. Ray sold his Scoot-E-Bike line to LOOPShare with the number landing somewhere in the seven-figure range, TMZ reports. Ray will still be involved in […]


I’m not sure why Brandy continues to deny that she’s not pregnant. BUT Princess Love and Ray J have announced they are with child! Big congratulations to their family! https://www.instagram.com/p/BcAkRHJBsjQ/?taken-by=rayj Now here’s the plot twist. Monica Slaughter of Love & Hip-Hop claims that Brandy is carrying the child for them. A post shared by Slayana […]

Princess Love, Ray J's wife, is speaking out about Kanye West and her hubby's R&B career.


Ray J struggled to hold back tears when he revealed that he is still reeling from Houston's loss, admitting that her death "still affects" him.


Ray-J recently spoke on how he still feels about the legendary Whitney Houston’s death, and how it still affects him to this day. Ray-J is on the newest season of Celebrity Big Brother, and says he blames himself for Whitney’s death. “I don’t like taking myself back there so I caught some flashes and I […]

Ray J and Princess Love took their very public and at times tumultuous relationship to another level when they announced their engagement earlier this year. The couple finally tied the knot in August- the same weekend as Kevin Hart‘s wedding,  -and the two embarked on a long flight to complete the final phase of nuptial […]