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All of the Ohio River front parks are closed until further notice due to flooding from extreme record breaking rain in February. Sign Up For Our Newsletter! According to WCPO the Ohio River is expected to reach 60.6 feet.  Coming closest to the prior flood record set in March 9, 1997 where the river reaches […]

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CINCINNATI – Environmental Protection Agency officials say they believe local drinking water is safe despite thousands of gallons of diesel fuel spilling into the Ohio River late Monday. EPA and Coast Guard officials estimated about 5,000 to 8,000 gallons of the fuel spilled during a routine transfer at Duke Energy’s W.C. Beckjord Station in New […]


A Fairfield mother’s life has come to an end after a ride on a jet ski claimed her life on yesterday evening. 29-year-old Laura Russell was in the middle of taking turns with friends riding on jet skis up and down the Ohio River according to authorities. A terrible accident occurred leaving one survivor and […]


Suspicions about a floating, partially-submerged houseboat on the Ohio River in Gallatin County poured into news outlets and local sheriffs this morning as many began to wonder where were the owners. The overturned houseboat turned out to be abandoned, but Boone County Water Rescue units were notified in an attempt to find anyone who could’ve […]


More shocking news unveiled today as the body of a missing boy in the town of Felicity, Ohio has been found near the Meldahl dam. Does this story sound vaguely familiar? If so, it absolutely should. This is the same little boy, Justin DeVercelly who recently turned up missing along with his brother last week […]