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Former Judge Tracie Hunter was ordered to serve 6 months in prison for illegally helping her brother keep his county job. After she was convicted chaos broke in the courtroom. See the video below.

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  “Slavery sounds like a choice”– The internet went into a frenzy when Kanye appeared on TMZ and said this now meme-able and memorable quote but, Kanye is still battling with his own freedom. Kanye West’s EMI  publishing contract states that the artist is not allowed to retire. West has been in a continuous battle […]

A British surgeon is in big trouble after he admitted to signing his initials on his patients’ livers. Dr. Simon Bramhall told a court this week that he used a laser to carve the letters “SB” into two of his patients’ livers during transplant operations in 2014. His autograph was noticed by another doctor who performed […]

According to a new study, all the bad news being reported everywhere we look is making us more aggressive. Researchers from Iowa State University found that violent stories found in the media cause similar problems with aggression as those caused by other known risk factors, such as bad parenting. This, of course, is a problem […]


Snoop Dogg will headline the "Hoop 4 Water" celebrity basketball game on May 20 to raise much-needed funds for the Flint water crisis.


For television producer extraordinaire Shonda Rhimes, being as busy as possible is clearly never a problem, as she has just added an additional responsibility to her plate. This time, it’s for the benefit of women’s health, as she has just  joined the national board of Planned Parenthood. Rhimes, who was previously a member of the […]

Pressure is mounting at FOX News as more companies are pulling their ads from Bill O’Reilly‘s show in the wake of multiple allegations of sexual harassment against the popular host. On Tuesday, the National Organization for Women called on FOX News to fire O’Reilly and investigate the network’s culture of harassment. More than a dozen […]


If your melanin was extra radiant yesterday morning, you might have been in luck for a free meal. A pop-up food cart in the Bronx is causing heads to turn with its promotion of free food with a sign that read “black people only.” See the photo below. Some folks, imaginably those who are lacking in […]


ESPN anchor Sage Steele is in hot water once again for her comments involving black people and racism. During a recent panel discussion on race, Steele reportedly revealed that her worst experiences with racism in America have been at the hands of black people because she is biracial, married to a white man and has […]

Don’t you hate when you get fake news on you Facebook page? If you said yes, it looks like your prayers have been answered… Because Facebook is about to crack down on all of the fake news stories out there. According to Complex Facebook will allow users to flag media stories that seem or are […]


As Americans are still trying to come to terms with the outcome of the 2016 presidential election tensions are still at an all-time high, especially when not only the President-elect himself continues to fan the flames, but also his batch of extremist conservative supporters. One of the most vocal Trump supporters is Tomi Lahren, who […]


The reality of the outcome of the recent presidential election has left many Americans feeling hopeless, helpless and disenfranchised, but that hasn’t stopped them from looking forward to the 2020 election. Social media was ablaze today with urging and pleas for current FLOTUS Michelle Obama to run for president in 2020. In fact during Hillary […]