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“Slavery sounds like a choice”– The internet went into a frenzy when Kanye appeared on TMZ and said this now meme-able and memorable quote but, Kanye is still battling with his own freedom.

Kanye West’s EMI  publishing contract states that the artist is not allowed to retire.

West has been in a continuous battle with his record label and publishing company to “obtain his freedom” since January. The EMI contract is now public, and it states “the artist is not allowed to retire or take an extended hiatus from music.”

This situation comes after he tried to sue the record label and EMI publishing by buying his publishing rights and failed.

EMI is now trying to move the case from the California State Court to the Federal level.  While Kanye’s team is planning to use the California Labor Code 2855 or the De Havilland Law, this law states that the contract should end after seven years. Kanye’s commitment should have been over on October 10, 2010.


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