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Lil Boosie allegedly tried to smuggle codeine into the Louisiana State Penitentiary where the Baton Rouge rapper has been serving a four-year prison sentence for drug and gun possession. Boosie is currently being indicted for a previous incident of the same magnitude for “conspiring to introduce illegal drugs into Dixon Correctional Institute at Jackson.” Click […]

News broke on Tuesday that Casey Anthony was acquitted on all felony charges in the death of her 2-year-daughter including capitol murder, which carried the death penalty. Surprisingly, the only charge that stuck was the misdemeanor of lying to a law enforcement officer. Unfortunately, nobody is answering for  Caylee Anthony but whatever side of the fence you are […]

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On June 17, 2010 Lil’ Boosie was indicted on federal charges for first-degree murder. Boosie also faces charges for three counts of possession with intent to distribute narcotics, three counts of “conspiracy to commit possession with intent to distribute narcotics” and two counts of “conspiracy to introduce contraband into a penal institution.” It is reported […]

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While Lil’ Boosie is busy posing for pictures of himself wearing (fake?) gold jewelry in jail, the state of Louisiana is preparing to auction off the incarcerated rapper’s house.


My friends are evenly divided on the Two and a Half Men star with half us being firm on “Team Sheen”, the other half being just as firmly on “Team FCS” (and if you need help with that acronym, I suggest you redo kindergarten). RELATED: Top 9 episodes of the Cosby Show Mr. Sheen, who’s […]

The spar between Lil’ Boosie and Louisiana District Attorney Hillar Moore rages on. The incarcerated rapper has filed a motion declaring that the East Baton Rouge Parish D.A. was seeking revenge on Boosie after hearing his song “F— ‘Em All,” which includes disparaging remarks towards Moore, just days before filing a murder charge against him. […]

(AllHipHop News) Baton Rouge rap star Lil Boosie will appear in court today (January 12th) to face a hearing related to his involvement in a 2009 murder, for which he has been indicted. Boosie was indicted for participating in the murder of Terry Boyd, who was 35-years-old at the time of his death in October […] reported to you guys that EARLIER THIS YEAR Louisiana rapper Lil Boosie was JAILED for a probation violation (a dirty p*ss test). But that may be just the START of his legal WOES!!! According to a ROCK SOLID snitch, the Baton Rouge Louisiana police arrested 5 men – including a 17 year […]