A 12-year old Oxford boy lost his hand after a bottle rocket was overloaded with pyrotechnics that didn’t meet federal standards. The bottle rocket and the other 17 products that were recalled were made in China. SOURCE: WCPO YouTube


“Excuse me if I’m not giving credit to Donald Trump for keeping jobs in Indiana when he has absolutely no statutory power to offer any incentives to keep Carrier in Indiana,” Roland Martin said. Donald Trump is getting lots of credit for the Carrier Air Conditioning plant deal and will be traveling to Indiana to […]

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It’s almost that time of year to hit your favorite neighborhoods in our area, not in a clown costume, to get all the Halloween candy you can!  Here is a breakdown of what days and trick or treat times are for 2016. Ohio October 22nd Bridgewater Falls Shopping Center 2:00-4:00pm Sign Up For Our Newsletter! […]


A 3-year-old girl in Philadelphia was found chewing on a small bag filled with crack cocaine


The 42-year-old rapper did not make his Indiana performance thanks to an inconvenient run-in with the law


Paula Cooper was not only world famous because at the age of 16, she became the youngest person in Indiana sent to the electric chair, but because millions the world over rallied to have her sentence commuted. From the archives: The life of Paula Cooper, once Indiana’s youngest Death Row inmate. She was found dead […]

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31-year-old Chris Copeland Indiana Pacers Forward and his wife was stabbed last night outside of a nightclub. They say the attacked happened around 4am this morning while they were leaving 1 Oak nightclub in NYC. His 28-year-old-wife, Katrine Saltara was stabbed in her arms and legs and  Chris was stabbed in his stomach.  They both were rushed to […]

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Jamal Jones of Indiana was a passenger in the car with his girlfriend and 2 kids when they were pulled over. They were stopped and…


Like FM 100 THE FAN on Facebook to stay updated with the latest sports news and original content! The Indiana Hoosiers football team has new helmets, very interesting helmets to say the least, butthe teams reaction to the new helmets is priceless.  We can’t tell if some like it or hate it but it’s great […]

  An Indiana couple proved that a couple that tries to see a double feature without paying together, get felony charges together. Lendsey and Delilha Harbin were spotted by an off-duty cop, volunteering as security at a movie theater, as they tried to sneak into the latest zombie flick, “Warm Bodies” after seeing the latest […]


Fresh from the exciting and power-packed weekend, the Midwest welcomed guests from all over the place to gather for one of fall’s biggest extravaganzas and entertainment weekends at the Circle City Classic. Check out photos, highlights and exclusives from the fun that took place in Indianapolis, IN if you weren’t there. Feel free to log […]


Looking for a way to make the most of a quick getaway? Not sure you want to spend a fortune? It’s okay because we’ve got you covered. Here’s a round-up of a few hidden gems right in our own backyard – the Midwest. This week’s focus is on Indianapolis, IN – a solid destination that’s […]