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It breaks my heart to hear this news especially after loosing 2 members of my family from cancer. “I Love New York” star Givens, known as “Real” who went on to have his own spin-off series Real Chance of Love with his brother, dies Friday night after a visit from his family. TMZ is reporting Givens’ […]

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Can you say “Bad ass!” MEN! I’m sorry but I don’t think you could bear to have children let a lone pull the babies out! lol In one hand she had one baby, in the other hand, the other baby. WOW! Talking about feeling powerful! Having had  C-Section myself to be honest I don’t think […]

Went hard for New Years?!? You still feeling it? Check out these Top 10 Remedies for a hangover! 1. Water Water Water! will hydrate you and make you feel better 2. Drinking what you had the previous night! sounds crazy but works 3. Sweat! Exercise helps get out toxins 4. Drugs as in pain killers […]

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Dieters listen up! Everyone tells you what to eat and what not to eat. My way..I eat what I want just small portions! But check out these foods that we think are bad, thats really not that bad for you! 1. White Potatoes- Don’t load it up with butter, cheese, bacon, ect.. but if you […]


You work all day, tend to family/children but do you ever make time for YOURSELF? If so how, how often? Check out these 10 ways to take a little bit more care of yourself, start today!  1. Get outdoors! Exercise, go for a long walk, look up at the sky, go swimming just relax, get […]

Awha! I love when blended families come together! Will Smith reunites with his Ex Wife- Sheree Fletcher along with Jada Pickett-Smith as the celebrate their son Trey, 22nd birthday!!! Check out pics and Read more here: FOLLOW US ON TWITTER/INSTAGRAM @Wiznationcincy and FACEBOOK: 101.1 WIZ NATION FOLLOW ME, KristenK, INSTAGRAM/TWITTER @kristenk_1 CATCH ME LIVE ON […]

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Ok Halloween is Friday do you have any tips? any idea what you going to do for the kids? Check out some ideas here… Gummy Skulls! Malted Milk Balls Gummy Teeth and Brains! Like these Candy ideas??? Here’s more! click here: FOLLOW US ON TWITTER/INSTAGRAM @Wiznationcincy and FACEBOOK: 101.1 Wiz Nation FOLLOW ME, KristenK, […]