It’s an election year… we complain and complain about the politicians representing us but how do we make a change?  You can be the change agent for our community by voting! But what if you aren’t registered to vote?  No worries Radio One Cincinnati as your opportunity to get registered online or when we are out in […]

  Incombent John Cranley won the 2017 election for mayor of Cincinnati over Yvette Simpson.  The decision came down around 11pm on election day.  Cranley is called himself the “comeback kid” in his speech after loosing the three-way mayoral primary by 11 points. Cranley has asked the citizens of Cincinnati to stay the course and give […]

He says Rep. Lewis should “spend more time on fixing and helping his district.”

Democrats might have a long, hard road through Donald Trump’s presidency as the try to save Obamacare and prevent the gutting of important measures that President Obama passed during his time in office such as those defending LGBT rights. But at least one high-profile member of the party might already be looking forward to a […]

According to the NYPD, there have been at least 43 bias-related attacks since the election, compared to 20 during the same period of time last year.

Donald Trump‘s Presidential election victory is being called one of the most controversial campaigns and elections in history. Judging by the low hotel booking numbers in D.C. for  his inauguration, the country’s next Commander in Chief may not be as well liked as he hoped. As they do every four years, the St. Regis hotel spent […]

Things have been pretty tense in the United States since, as Special K puts it, “we got a president that’s loved by the Klan.” So he decided to say a spoken word poem for everyone who is coping with fear and worry in the aftermath of the devastating choice Americans made on election day last […]

Like most of us, Black Tony is still dealing with the hurt and confusion of watching Donald Trump win the 2016 election. He has some ideas about how the morning show can help facilitate healing in the aftermath of his win. Sign Up For Our Newsletter! Plus, he explains what Hillary Clinton could have done […]

Waka Flocka Fame, like many Americans, was going on an election-related twitter rant when he said that Barack Obama didn’t count as America’s first black president. After receiving a lot of criticism from a lot of people for asserting that belief, he defended himself with a more eloquent statement. Sign Up For Our Newsletter! But […]

One guy perfectly described how most Clinton supporters feel following her loss.

The day after a historic election and a decision that has half the country devastated, Jeff Johnson has some of his always helpful wisdom to share. He explains that he is disappointed politically, but “culturally and civically,” he is more motivated and fired up than ever! “Sign Up For Our Newsletter! Jeff explains what the […]