Plies was arrested again the other day for driving under the influence.

Doritos chips have made an unexpected move and partnered up with Uber and Moms Against Drunk Driving.

  Lets say a prayer for Plies, he was arrested yesterday for driving under the influence according to TMZ Law enforcement sources say they slapped on the cuffs after Plies was pulled over on suspicion of driving under the influence. He was released on a $500 bond the same day. Plies put up a video […]

Cincinnati Police officers are attempting to make driving throughout the city a bit safer for everyone with the new decision to impound all vehicles for having rims too large for the car. Incidences of expensive towing situations are already happening across the city as the growing number of citizens begin to be outraged by the […]

Do Texting-While-Driving Bans Actually Increase Crashes? As you know, a ban against Texting while driving goes into effect in Cincinnati this month in hopes to crack down on deaths and crashes.  Do you think that it will or make drivers text more?

No More Texting & Driving :: Cincinnati City Council Passes Texting Ban Ban On Texting While Driving Goes Into Effect Next Month! The city of Cincinnati is cracking down on drivers that plan to text while driving which has resulted in accidents, and in worse cases, death. Learn more about the ban here.

Oops! Beyonce Pulled Over For Texting While Driving Barely having her Driver’s License this year, R&B Singer Beyonce gets pulled over. Not off to a good start, literally! Find out why.

The rush hour before work and after it might become a little less bumpy pretty soon as the Ohio Department of Transportation says there are more road improvement projects going on simultaneously this summer. Why? Beyond the obvious need for repaving roads and filling up potholes, nearly $400 million has been set aside for the […]