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No More Texting & Driving :: Cincinnati City Council Passes Texting Ban

Ban On Texting While Driving Goes Into Effect Next Month!

The city of Cincinnati is cracking down on drivers that plan to text while driving which has resulted in accidents, and in worse cases, death. Learn more about the ban here.

Via WLWT News Cincinnati

CINCINNATI — Cincinnati has joined other communities and states in passing a law that bans texting while driving.

Cincinnati’s City Council passed the ban with little debate by a 8-1 vote on Thursday, with Chris Monzel the only no vote. The Public Safety Committee had unanimously approved the ban Wednesday.

The law prohibits texting or Internet use while driving. It will be a primary offense, meaning police could pull drivers over just for a texting violation.

The fine will be $100 when the law takes effect next month.

Currently, Columbus and Kentucky have similar bans, but Kentucky is issuing warnings until Jan. 2, 2011, after which the ticket is $25.

Indiana has a ban on texting or using the phone while driving, but only for drivers under 18.

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