Chance the Rapper and Kirsten Corley, the mother of his 18-month-old daughter, came to terms on a child support deal on Monday, but they’re not talking about it. The story has taken some twists and turns over time. Corley and the girl have been living with Chance, even though they’re no longer a couple — […]

The producer has finally been forced to pay the price for skipping out on paying almost two decades of child support.

The reported Miami nightclub waitress is currently prepping for her baby shower.

Did 50 Cent and Gilbert Arenas just share a moment over child support?

When Israel Houghton divorced his wife and happened to get together with Adrienne Bailon shortly after, the gospel world was up in arms. By the time he was engaged to Adrienne, the controversy had died down. But questions have reignited with the news that he might have fathered two love children during his marriage, and […]

On Thursday, the producer and reality star announced that he'll be going to jail soon.

Children cost money, but celebrity children, they cost a lot of commas.

    According to one of Rich Dollas baby mama Chaundrea Nicolle, the fake hip hop mogul hasn’t spent a dime on child support payments.…

Armond Curry is being charged with 17 felonies for being a dead beat dad. He can serve up 60 years in Jail if he is convicted. Wow,  that’s 3 and a half years for each child. Antoinette James, says he’s a good father and he does support his children just not through the required channels. Police […]

Trick Daddy is the latest celebrity to claim he’s broke. He also made mention of his $430,000 in assets, $645,000 in the red including $34,000 in child support to one of his children’s mother’s and another $22,000 for another baby mama, $290, 000 in back taxes, $280,000 for his first mortgage… We’re not sure if […]