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  Shad Moss, otherwise known as Bow Wow, has been getting a lot of flack for his string of tweets in which he claimed he couldn’t relate to the importance of the Black vote because of his mixed heritage. His rationale is bizarre at best and has angered many of his fans who questioned why he would feel the need […]

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In a recent exchange with a follower on Twitter, Bow Wow made some questionable remarks regarding his stance on race and politics.

"I hate to see couples or parents, have to go to court," he said.

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  Last year Shad Moss (aka Bow Wow) and Erica Mena had a pretty messy breakup, followed by some straight-up rude comments about each other on social media and in the press. It got so bad that Mena even claimed at one point that Moss had been physically abusive during their relationship. But with time comes healing and the two […]

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The Internet believes these two are dating, but there is some serious denial going on.

Well rumors had been circulating that Bow Wow was dating R&B singer Keyshia Cole and now sources are saying the rumors might be true! Keyshia Cole is still legally married to her husband but I guess that won’t stop her from laying up with Bow Wow. Read more here.

Some of this content will have you laughing so hard. Please watch with caution. source


Children cost money, but celebrity children, they cost a lot of commas.

Bow Wow drops a new song called “Too Real” Please give me your thoughts on this? Does he have a hit on his hands or nah?

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Now we know a little bit more back story as to why Erica decided to share the heartfelt poem about the child she and fiancé Shad Moss lost.