According to, pharmaceutical mogul Steve Rahr donated up to $700,000 today to buy back the lives of Alicia Keys, Kim Kardashian, Lady Gaga, Usher and other celebrities on social networking websites. On December 1, the stars ‘killed’ themselves from their Twitter and Facebook accounts in the hope of raising funds for Keys’ Keep A Child […]

[Dime Time TV] World AIDS Day 2010: Celebs’ Digital Death [PHOTOS x VIDEO] It’s hoped by participants that the newly released pictures of celebrities posing in caskets will be able to make the intended impact.

Positive HIV Test Halts Porn Shoots At Companies Many porn companys have either ended or stopped production due to their actors/actresses contracting the HIV virus. HIV and AIDs are quicly making its way into the porn sets nationwide.

New research studies presented state that treating people with HIV or Aids can provide a positive alternative: It reduces the abilities of infection to others. New infections decreased in parts of Canada as more people went on AIDS drugs, furthermore, lowering the affection rate and the chances people would spread it, the study reported. For […]

Did you know we are only 3decades into this epidemic. Already there are more than One Million Americans living with HIV today. One in five people still are unaware they even carry the disease. HIV Testing Day is today. Get tested and know your status. Stop the spread. In its early stages there are often […]

Cassidy Denies HIV/AIDS Rumors Via: The Urban Daily Philly rapper Cassidy has responded rumors being circulated that he has HIV/AIDS and was responsible for infecting a young woman.

  It’s World Aids Day! Among all women in the U.S. living with HIV/AIDS, 64 percent are African-American. In fact, the rate of AIDS diagnosis for African-American women nationwide is 22 times the rate for white women. Preventing HIV is not complicated. If you’re sexually active, get tested. Don’t use IV drugs or share needles. […]