Its been 26 years since we tragically lost the Notorious B.I.G. In this Backstory episode Colby Colb tells the story of BIG from his early days in the streets of Brooklyn through his initial success, relationship with Tupac including a very detailed description of the beef between them and how it caused an East Coast/West […]

Today on the Amanda Seales Podcast, we cover a variety of topics, from malcolm x’s family suing for $100 million to r. Kelly being sentenced to 20 years in prison. The show also features a segment called “Bet Cha Didn’t Know” with Ernest Crem III who discusses the owner of Red Lobster breaking racial barriers. […]

On this episode of The Undressing Room Podcast, Lore’l and Claudia Jordan give praises to Tyler Perry for being the epitome of black excellence. Perry was listed third on the Forbes list for being one of the highest paid entertainers in 2022. Lore’l and Claudia talk about the NBA All-Star game and how men try […]

This week Memphis’ own Gloss Up pulls up for a dope conversation with Incognito and DJ Misses! As she was unsigned this time last year, everything has changed in a matter of months for Gloss. Find out how it all came together on this week’s New And Making Noise!

R&B star Monica discusses her legendary career starting as a teen sensation and growing up in the music business. She touches on her many achievements in the music business and in life. Backstory on social: Backstory on Facebook Backstory on Twitter Backstory on Instagram Legendary radio host Colby “Colb” Tyner takes us back to where […]

Today on Amanda Seales’ Show podcast, we discussed the historic election of Jennifer McLennan to Virginia’s congress, making her the first Black woman to be elected. We also discussed the potential success of the 4-day work week. It’s shocking to learn that Rihanna’s dad found out she was pregnant during the super bowl.  LL Cool […]

Welcome to this Wednesday episode of the Amanda Seales Show. We cover a range of topics on this podcast, including Biden’s rallying cry in Warsaw, to experimental male birth control and the impact of magazine covers on the black community. As always you can expect to laugh and learn as Amanda and DJ Nailz discuss […]

In this episode of Amanda Seales’ show Amanda Seales and DJ Nailz talk with the Colorado Black farmers and their struggles with dealing with racial terrorism on their ranch. We also recap Valentine’s Day and talk about the best and worst Valentines Day gifts. Another trending topic we discuss is whether it’s appropriate to have […]

Lore’l and special guest Claudia Jordan talk about Lori Harvey’s dating history and whether Black owned hair brands are glowing up or selling out. Plus, would you join a gym that doubles as a nightclub? Also, listen in as we unlock the craziest message in Lore’l’s DMs. If you want your question featured on the […]

Backstory Podcast with Colby Colb Legendary R&B singer Ron Isley joins Colby to discuss his illustrious career from humble beginnings in Cincinnati to super star status with The Isley Brothers and eventual solo projects. They discuss their influence on the Beatles, Rolling Stones and Elton John in addition to details about several of their timeless […]

Lore’l and special guest Yandi Smith discuss the importance of leaving a kind impression on the people you work with. Plus, the ladies get into why hurt people, hurt people and how much is too much to spend on a wedding! Also, listen in as we unlock the craziest message in Lore’l’s DMs. If you […]

Happy New Year! Find out how New Year’s resolutions have shifted over the past couple of years with millennials. Plus, dating goals are a big one for this year.  The duo discusses the current dating trends that may take over 2023, so don’t get caught up. If you want your question featured on the show, […]