New Music

New Music

Check out new music off of Drake’s new EP Entitled “Scary Hours”

New Music

After being released from jail on a pardon by former President Donald Trump. Kodak didn’t waste no time getting back in the studio to feed the street’s. Check out his first song released since being out the can called “Last Day In”.

Feature Story

  Santino Corleon talks about how is song was used in popular game, Jeopardy. The midwest native also reflects on his growth as an artist in Cincinnati.


Check out the new smash hit single from DJ J.Dough Ft Mama Named Me Evan – 2020 Tesla. Do you think it’s a hit or Nah??? take a listen and comment below. Click here for Itunes link.  

Machine Gun Kelly is taking off with his “Bad Things” track featuring Fifth Harmony’s Camilia Cabello. The song is a melody that everyone can relate to and the video just makes it an even catchier tune being that it brings across the issues of love. I think Machine Gun Kelly and Cabello make for a […]

DJ Snake taps into the virtual world with the making of his hit single with Justin Bieber. The Video comes across as an adventure similiar to Grand Theft Auto. As if the song wasn’t already a hit, DJ Snake and Justin Bieber will for sure take the song to a new level with the new […]

The Pop Star JoJo is back and ready to release her new Album which would make for her third studio project. JoJo kicks off her return by simply being her the ‘Fab” kind of girl with some assistant from Remy Ma. In the video you can catch both JoJo and Remy Ma seperating the Fiction […]

New Music

Usher just gets better with time! Looks like this man hasn’t missed a beat when it comes to his latest song featuring Young Thug. The Master P inspired track finally has a video. A remix may be on the way with Gucci. Keep your eyes open. Watch below