CINCINNATI – Cincinnati Works is excited to return to Cintas Center for our biannual job fairs, which drew more than 1,200 job-seekers in 2019. The first event of 2020 will be held Thursday, March 12, and we have space for a similar number of attendees and even more employers. Council Member Chris Seelbach will also […]

50 Cent’s #1 hit “In Da Club” was one of the most popular Hip Hop songs of the 2000’s. The Get Rich or Die Tryin’ track ruled the radio, MTV, and nightspots back in ’03, and according to a new study by the Society For Personality And Social Psychology, Fiddy’s single is also one of the most effective tunes to listen […]

Think your job is stressful OR if you are currently looking for a job check out the 14 Most Stressful Jobs in America! 1. First Line Supervisors of Police and Detectives What they do: Directly supervise and coordinate activities of members of the police force. 2. Mental Health Counselors What they do: Work with individuals […]

Looking to start a new Career??? College Graduates listen UP! Time Magazine lists Top 10 BEST Cities to start a New Career in!    Denver Average single-bedroom apartment rent is on the high side: $1,248. But the unemployment rate is just 4.3%, compared to 6.7% nationally, and there is a thriving singles culture with one in […]

No-one wants to believe that they will be working for the rest of their lives, I think we are all looking forward to retiring.  Yet, I believe the average American works two jobs a week just to pay the bills. If you’re tired of living paycheck to paycheck maybe you should consider pursuing another profession. Check out the list professions […]


Concerned Clergy of Avondale presents Avondale Job Seekers Movement on Thursday, May 16th at Southern Baptist Church at 6pm SHARP. Walk ins will be accepted. However, please call 513-861-2232 now to reserve your FREE seat. FREE dinner and child care is provided!   You thoughts? Jade West “Always On a Musical Quest” On-Air Personality/Producer/Public Affairs […]

At work Network is hooking you up with info on the Top 5 Degrees for 2013! One of the most important decisions you can make in your professional career is what degree you will pursue. In 2013, degrees in the science, healthcare and business sectors are steadily on the rise. Here is a look at five […]

Its 2013! Everyone wants a job that they enjoy. Unless you’re independently wealthy, everyone has to work to survive and make a living. So why not love what you do? It’s never too late to follow your dreams and be happy. Being able to get your dream job can affect other aspects of your life and […]

All my women with jobs raise your hands!!! Proud to be a women! There’s never been a better time to be a woman in business. It’s undeniable that the more masculine command-and-control way of doing business is on its way out. Increasingly, businesses — and society in general — are coming to value more feminine qualities […]

Are you moving out of Cincinnati, OH and want to make more MONEY??? To find the cities where people earn the largest and smallest paychecks, Forbes turned to, a site that has collected salary and career data from more than 35 million people. The 5 U.S. Cities Where People Earn The Biggest Paychecks No. […]

Fast food workers. Telemarketers. Bartenders. These professions have the highest share of employees who say their jobs make the world a worse place! Many fast food workers aren’t feeling so good about handing you those greasy burgers and fries. In a survey conducted by PayScale that asked employees, ‘Does your job make the world a […]

If you often feel on top of things at work, but hopelessly behind at home, you’re not alone. Work-life balance — and how to achieve it and maintain it — is a top concern for many workers, says Katie Bardaro, lead analyst at online salary database “People often believe that success at work means […]