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All my women with jobs raise your hands!!! Proud to be a women! There’s never been a better time to be a woman in business. It’s undeniable that the more masculine command-and-control way of doing business is on its way out. Increasingly, businesses — and society in general — are coming to value more feminine qualities like participation, engagement, collaboration, relationship-building, and an appreciation for the greater good. Qualities that come naturally to most women.

10 Reasons why NOW is a GREAT time to be a Women in Business ! These are a few feminine features that make women primed to succeed in business, and how you can take advantage of them:

*Women aren’t afraid to take action– Successful women know how and when to take action, rather calling for a plumber or dressing your kids while getting yourself ready!

*Women aren’t afraid to ask for help-Since they were little girls, most women have automatically reached out to friends when they needed help, advice, company, or a listening ear.

*Women are highly engagedRegardless of their profession, all women are CEOs; i.e., Chief Everything Officers. They manage careers, households, children, meals, shopping, event planning, and more — simultaneously — while doing everything in their power to make sure that not one single ball drops.

*Women are enterprising-Most women do a lot. They run a successful combination of a job, education, family, friendships, hobbies, etc. By anyone’s definition, that’s a complex enterprise!

*Women are great relationship-builders-Most women want to give their all to every relationship they have, be it with a coworker, significant other, child, family member, friend, client, etc. — and when they can’t, they often feel guilty.

*Women are natural multi-taskers-Flexible and adaptable, women handle unexpected change gracefully.

*Women know how to collaborate-Collaboration is not just connecting with people. It’s also an attitude of helpfulness.

*Women know the importance of mutual support-When women come together and share their passions, visions, experiences, fears, and promises, an amazing bond occurs.

*Women understand the power of givingGiving does not always mean pulling out your wallet. Time/ mentoring is a valuable gift.

*Women know how to trust their intuition-Women’s intuition is actually a scientific fact

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