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Things that can’t be unseen: a 7-foot, 300-and-something pound dude in drag lip-syncing Beyoncé. You’ve been warned.

Shaq or Shaqeeta “Sweet Dreams” Video


Shaquille O’Neal, everybody! Impending night terrors aside, this is still nowhere near as embarrassing as getting Bieberized. So there’s that.

Shaq said his original plan was to hit the subway dressed in costume, but was told it wouldn’t be a good idea after he recently caused a scene because he posed as a statue for one hour in Boston’s Harvard Square.

“I got a call from somebody important who said it probably wouldn’t be safe for me or for anybody else to do that on a train,” O’Neal told the Boston Herald. “If I would have tweeted it, there probably would have been a lot of people there and that’s not really safe, so they said I should change my plans. I had a blast. I’m a law-enforcement guy, so we always want people to have fun and be safe.”

I hope you had a good laugh. I did….


Jade West “Always on a Musical Quest”

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