Reality star Nicole “Hoopz” Alexander broke up with former NBA star Shaquille O’Neal earlier this year, and it looks like she’s getting creative to try and make up for what certainly must have been a loss in personal funds once the relationship ended. The sexy vixen is offering services–her fitness services–to anyone willing to pony up the […]

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At the end of the day i guess you could say they helped each other. Shaq helped Hoopz career grow from being on the Flavor Of Love and Hoopz helped Shaq  alot with his personal image. Over the weekend Hoopz confirmed that she is no longer with Shaq and they have broken up . For […]

Another day another breakup rumor. Word on the street is that Shaq& Hoopz have broken up AGAIN, and this time you can blame it on Hoopz’s Olympic dreams. We know it’s real this time around because Hoopz confirmed the split and Black Sports Online has the tea: CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO JOIN THE OFFICIAL […]

SOURCE Shaquille O’Neal wants you to know that he did not dump Hoopz.The former baller was a guest on Shade 45 and said he and Hoopz are good: “If you wanna know something about me, I’ve got 5 million Twitter followers and 7 million facebook friends. When I want yall to know something, I got […]

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Has the real life version of Love & Basketball come to fruition with the marriage of Shaq and Hoopz? According to MediaTakeOut, the couple eloped this weekend without a prenup! We previously heard that they were engaged, so this isn’t too hard to believe. Get the rest of the details right here. RELATED POSTS: Does […]

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By now you’ve seen the show Basketball Wives LA on VH1. Imani consistently goes in on Draya. Miss Draya is the youngest on the show, therefore she’s a target. She’s also a former stripper, which makes her a target (according to the ladies). She’s also one of the most attractive women on the show, which […]

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Shaq and Hoopz was spotted in Calabassas over the weekend. The two spent their afternoon seeing planet of the apes and kissing for the paparazzi. I think everyone who saw them kissing wanted to throw up. Shaq retired from the NBA and Hoopz has no career so the two have lots of time to spend […]

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As the All Star game draws nearer celebs and athletes party it up. Shaq and Hoopz attended the Barcadi Gold VIP Cocktail reception kick off party, Kobe and Vanessa attended the Kobe Bryant’s hand and footprint ceremony at Grauman’s theater, Lebron and Savannah attended the After School All State Heroes Salute Launch Party and Kim […]

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Looks like Boston Celtic, Shaq is taking his relationship with Vh1 reality star Nikki “Hoopz” Alexander to another level. The two recently sat down with The Boston Globe to give the world a sneak peak into their life together, and info about Hoopz new realty show which will of course feature her boo, Shaq. Hoopz […] Raise your hand if you were confused when first hearing that Shaq was dating reality star Hoopz. I believe they were outed some time last year after dining at a Waffle House in Tennessee. According to a cover story in The Boston Globe, Hoopz is now filming a reality show based on her suburban […]

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When rumor broke that Shaq and Hoopz were engaged I think all around the world a jumped off the record. That came suddenly after a bitter and sour divorce between Shaq and Shaunie of “Basketball Wives.”

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Things that can’t be unseen: a 7-foot, 300-and-something pound dude in drag lip-syncing Beyoncé. You’ve been warned. Shaq or Shaqeeta “Sweet Dreams” Video   Shaquille O’Neal, everybody! Impending night terrors aside, this is still nowhere near as embarrassing as getting Bieberized. So there’s that. Shaq said his original plan was to hit the subway dressed […]