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Around the year 2003, the proximity rule was created and it stipulates that, “Surrounded by a group of people for long enough and no other options, those people in your immediate environment will start to become your dating pool.  People you would have never thought to date before will now become the most desirable.”  Obviously, I went to a predominantly white undergraduate school.

So when someone asks me, “Why is that Kanye insists on finding himself a stripper or model, instead one of these self-respecting lawyers or professional women?”  I can only reply, please see the proximity rule.  Simply put, the stars are dating the people they are around the most and the ones they see most frequently.  They live in the studio, music video sets, nightclubs and tour.  And last I checked that’s where these urban models frequent the most.  Supporting evidence; actors date actresses, but really think back to high school: Who did the captain of the football team date?  The captain of the cheerleading squad.

The other reason, is because who can you trust when you don’t know why they want you.  One of the things that comes with money and fame is paranoia.  It is possibly one of the most certain facets of fame.  (#thisaintparadise).  Therefore, if you are assuming everyone is only after you for your money, then you might as well pick the girl of your dreams.  Real talk, if you could have anyone you wanted, who would you pick?  Here we have Alice, a lawyer in New York City who spends 60-70 hours working her way to partner before 30.  And over here we have, Autumn, a former stripper, budding model, who doesn’t have anything to do, but two-a-days at the gym, me and a nose-pack of coke.  By the way, Autumn has a great body, hazel eyes and doesn’t talk so much when I’m done off the Henny.

The other thing that a lot of people don’t realize is that not everyone is looking to settle down.  A lot of people are just trying to live fast and die young.  After all how many of these people we idolize as stars used to be losers and noodles growing up, #celebHSpics?

And for a moment of logic, the successful Black woman is really not trying to put up with the antics of a man in the spotlight, because she knows she doesn’t have to.  Why should she deal with a man who is always on the road and surrounded by groupies all the time?  She has access to the best men in her network.  Chances are if she can pull Aubrey, she can pull Joshua, the guy tabbed as the next partner at a competitor’s firm.  I will say this, celebrity women have been on record for going for high-end professional men.  And that works for them, I can’t speak on it, I don’t the reasons why.

And maybe that’s the problem, some of those celebrity women need to drop the secret onto some of the men in the spotlight.  I mean, think about Kanye, the last two basic women he went after, we don’t know what happened with Alexis, but the other one spilled los beanos on MySpace because she was just not used to the spotlight.  And has anyone in Atlanta met Alicia?  Because whatever it is that she put on Drake he clearly can’t get off of him, or stop rapping about it.  And then you have Dwyane Wade… you know, no man should judge another man on South Beach.  Anyway, these are just jokes, but to be serious, you may consider than many celebs have tried to date normalcy and had no luck.

Or MAYBE, just maybe, there’s a delta between the image a star portrays and who he really is on the inside.  The busier that person gets the more that image begins to replace the person on the inside, sooner or later, he’s dating who his image wants to date, not who he wants to date. #thisaintparadise.

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