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Master musician Prince has reportedly been sued by a former attorney this morning as news swarms of the uprise. The singer has apparently failed to pay his legal bills forcing Ed McPherson to file claims in the Los Angeles County Superior Court on yesterday.

McPherson says that Prince currently owes him a sum of $50,000 for previous works on two prior cases where he “performed legal services on Prince’s behalf in an exemplary manner.” McPherson says he was never paid for his duties and has made countless attempts to resolve the monetary issues with Prince. He is now seeking to recover those costs through the courts.

So what do you all think? Is Prince at fault and should he pay up the $50,000? We think there’s something deeper than this to be honest. Why is it that Prince is often reportedly caught up in legal drama when it comes to finances? Is someone out to get this brother’s cash? I mean, seriously, is $50,000 really going to impact Prince’s pockets? The man could fork over $50,000 and not blink twice about it.

Let us know what’s on your mind by posting in the comments section below. For more on the story, visit Singersroom.com.


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