When Nicole Murphy divorced from comedy heavyweight Eddie Murphy in 2005, she received about $10 million in the settlement. But because she entrusted her childhood friend with the sum, she never saw the money again. Both she and a Philadelphia investment group took some huge losses, and filed a lawsuit. Sign Up For Our Newsletter! […]

Robbie Montgomery of the popular Miss Sweetie Pie’s restaurant (and the TV show, “Welcome To Sweetie Pie’s” on OWN) had to sue her own son after he went behind her back and potentially damaged the reputation she worked so hard to build. While the business has thrived, familial matters seem to be under some serious […]

With rappers being sued left and right for sample clearance issues and adopted monikers, it’s a change to see one taking someone else to court.…

There will be a huge weed cloud over Denver for the next few days. CLick below to see why.   source   

According To AllHipHop Kanye West and  a few record labels are facing a new copyright/RICO lawsuit, over the continued usage of a 1974 sample. Kanye…

WASHINGTON — As the debate on whether President Obama supports same-sex marriage or not continues, a White House official released a statement on his current stance on the matter. “Although the President believes that this is an issue best addressed by the states, he also firmly believes that committed gay and lesbian couples should receive […]

U.S. Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. said Wednesday: “I have done nothing wrong,” even as a congressional panel has launched an inquiry into his efforts to secure President Obama’s vacant U.S. Senate seat. With new updates and reports on the current ongoing controversy coming out everyday, it can be difficult to make clear of what’s actually […]

Master musician Prince has reportedly been sued by a former attorney this morning as news swarms of the uprise. The singer has apparently failed to pay his legal bills forcing Ed McPherson to file claims in the Los Angeles County Superior Court on yesterday. McPherson says that Prince currently owes him a sum of $50,000 […]

What are your children learning in school these days? Some of them, like the high school students from the Warren County Career Center, will be following the courts and the legal action surrounding the ongoing trials in the Ryan Widmer case. They’ve actually already begun to follow the case and even had an opportunity to […] Despite being behind bars, Lil Wayne is still enduring legal troubles. Just this week, a judge issued a bench warrant for the rapper in Yuma, Arizona — where he is facing drug and weapons charge — because he didn’t show for a court ordered appearance. Obviously, Weezy couldn’t appear since he’s currently serving a one […]