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Kanye West may be on everyone’s “I’m over him” list these days, but it still hasn’t stopped him from starting trends in the culture.


His new song “I Love It” with Lil Pump, and wacky visuals that go along with it, went viral the same day it dropped and sparked a whole new set of memes and a brand new challenge. Folks decided to make their own versions of the Spike Jonze directed video with the #ILoveItChallenge and some of them were creative AF.

Like Twitter user @Fletcher_mog who has been credited for actually kicking off the viral challenge.

Or @AlmightyNessTV & @burgerplanets who absolutely killed it.

Yeezy dropped the avant garde video during the Pornhub awards last week (which he creatively directed), and knowing Kanye — he probably already knew it would become a thing. The large, box-like ensembles are ripe for mocking, while Ye’s lyrics, “You’re such a fu**in* h**/I’ma sick fu** I like a quick fu**/I’ma sick fu** I like a quick fu**/” are extremely raunchy, yet super catchy.


And it gets better.


Cue the oversized garments.

The “I Love It’ challenge is the latest of many dance moments throughout the year. We’re fresh off Ciara’s “Level Up” challenge, and some folks are still asking Kiki if she loves them, thanks to Drake and Shiggy’s “In My Feelings” dance.


Check out more videos from the “I Love It” challenge on the next page. And hit us up on Twitter and Facebook to share your challenge video.


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