This has to be one of the most annoying break ups on 2016. Well divorce, so after Kendu Issac was begging for Mary J Blige to give him spousal support. Now there are some things that he wont return to Mary, like her Grammy

Mary J. Blige‘s estranged husband Martin “Kendu” Isaacs says that he will not return a number of items, including a Grammy award, according to TMZ.

He even has three vehicles that belong to her. This is what Mary had to say about the divorce.

“The breaking point was when I kept asking over and over and over again for respect and to be respected and it just seems like I was beating a dead horse and it seems like I was talking to a wall,” she said of the divorce. “I just wasn’t getting it back. If I can’t get respect in the relationship, then I have to move on to save myself. That was the point where I’m like, I’m done. I just can’t do it anymore.”


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