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Your CHURCH can enter the challenge!!!

You will form a basketball team based on the guidelines below and compete in a tournament versus other churches.

Your church will also enter a choir or ensemble in the challenge that will perform various times during the basketball game your church is playing.

Rules for Basketball Team Formation

ü  15 players on a team

ü  All players must be an active member of the entering church

ü  2 players must be clergy

ü  8 players 18 – 34 years old

ü  4 players must be ages 35 and up

ü  At least 1 woman on the team who does get serious playing time

Rules of the Basketball Game

ü  Four Quarters 10 minute running time

ü  Clock stops only for free-throws and time-outs until the fourth quarter, the clock stops when 2 minutes are left

ü  No profanity will be tolerated

ü  The winner of the game moves to the next round

Choir/Ensemble Guidelines

ü  All members of the choir/ensemble must be active members of the entering church

ü  Prepare 2 five minute songs: one will be performed in-between either first and second quarter or third and fourth quarter, and the other at halftime

ü  Prepare 4 songs for the game that will be performed during the one-minute time-outs

ü  The winner of the choir challenge moves on to the next round

***There will be celebrity judges to determine the winner***

Contribution to the Rockdale Baptist Church CommUNITY Fundraiser

Only $250.00 – covers cost of uniforms for basketball team, referee fees, trophies for Gospel Challenge winners and Basketball Tournament winners

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