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We were all wondering when we were going to see or hear some actual music from the Puerto Rican Princess. Well, ladies and gentlemen the wait is over. On Friday, Joseline’s video for her single “Mi Colta” dropped. The entire song is in Spanish and since my Spanish is more rusty than a little bit, I had to google what “colta” meant. No results. One website said it meant culture but culture is cultura– so unless Joseline is rapping in slang, I’m at a loss. Any of our Spanish-speaking friends feel free to chime in if you know.

Ok, so what about the music. Something tells me this song is going to have a love-hate reception. It’s not the worst thing I’ve heard but it certainly isn’t the best either. And since it’s not undeniably remarkable, I’m sure people will trash it and others who are fans of Joseline’s antics on the show will praise it. To me though, her flow is convincing and she seems to believe what she’s selling. I also dug the “weep weep” sound she made for the police sirens. Instrumentally, the beat sounds like something we’ve heard before and doesn’t necessarily keep your interest.

But that’s for you to look, listen and judge for yourself. And even though Stevie is all up and through this video, I will say that they spent some money on it. The quality is pretty good and I’m sure filming in Ponce, Puerto Rico is not cheap.

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