Ok the 70-80 degree weather is HERE and pretty soon the 90’s and 100’s will arrive. Are you summer ready? Still covering those arms or legs? How about still wearing jackets to hide stomach and backs? Here are 10 Diet Rules to Shed the Pounds and get you summer ready! Out smart ya body and take on this challenge!

1. Banish hunger! Controlling it is a matter of what you eat, how often you eat and watching your calories.”

2. Know what to eat

3. Clear cabinets of the bad stuff.

4. Retrain your brain.

5. Set up eating rules.

6. Eat healthy versions of favorite foods.

7. Limit your choices.

8. Enjoy treats — with restraint.

9. Think of the rewards.

10. Forgive setbacks.

Just by doing these 10 simple things they can make a BIG impact on your life and weight loss journey! Believe me, I’ve done them ALL and have dropped pounds and inches! For more detailed information log on to:


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