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All my Reality Show fans!!! Love and Hip Hop is back! and it has heated up! One of the biggest talked about is Mimi and Joseline. So…who team are you on????

We all know that Stevie J (Stebbie)  is going to have his way with both the baby mama and his main chick (and any other women willing to get on his bus) as long as they allow it. We know this. Joseline knows this. And Mimi knows this!

In case you missed it MiMi is now living with Stevie because of their daughter Ava. Was she wrong to even move back in?

Another thing you have to wonder after watching is, why is Mimi so mad at Joseline? The blame belongs to Stevie J who has played both of them. Whereas Joseline seems perfectly content knowing Stevie J will stick his beefcake in anything with a vagina, Mimi acts surprised and disgusted that Joseline’s still in the picture.

Joseline goes back and forth but she just wants the money, MiMi wants the man without drama soo who’s team are you on…



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