Love and Hip Hop Atlanta is back with its 9th season and its better than ever. They have added Alexis Skyy and Lightskin Keisha to the show and its a lot of wig snatching going on! Check it out below!

Production on Love and Hip-Hop: Atlanta was shut down for a bit on Wednesday after a scary hit-and-run injured a security guard. The show was set to film in a shopping mall, and the guard was holding a parking spot empty. A customer got angry at that and hit the gas, injuring the guard’s leg. The driver […]

Joseline Hernandez talks with Nella D about why she left Love & Hip Hop ATL, raising Bonnie Bella with Stevie J, if she would ever work with Cardi B, her new single Run Me My Money and much more! Check out the interview below.       RELATED STORY: Who Is The Richest Female Cast […]

Congrats are in order for Love and Hip Hop Atlanta’s Joseline Hernandez and Stevie J.  Joseline gave birth to a baby girl and named her Bonnie Bella. Joseline announced her labor via Twitter And yes she referred to her baby as a hoe…. Joseline then took to Instagram Live to give her fans more insight to […]

  Lil Scrappy found a true ride-or-die chick in Bambi Benson. The Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta star was arrested this past week, but was sprung a day later thanks to his soon-to-be wife. It’s not clear what Scrap was arrested for, but the incident seems to have brought the two closer together: […]

Benzino is experiencing the worst kind of betrayal.

At this point the never-ending drama between Stevie J. and Joseline Hernandez is so ridiculously outrageous that it’s best to just brace yourself for anything. In the latest development of the Love and Hip Hop Atlanta stars, Stevie J. has officially served Joseline with a restraining order. For months now, there have been lists of […]

Dustin Diamond aka "Screech" in trouble over painkillers, Johnny Depp is hiding out on his private island & more

Remember when Sylver Karatz and Jessica Dime from Love & Hip Hop Atlanta got into it on Instagram? Well word on the curb is that Jessica Dime and her crew jumped Sylver last night in Miami at LIV. One of Jessica Dimes friends posted a video on Instagram of the incident. But from the recent […]

Lil Scrappy has been ordered to pay his baby mama Erica Dixon $45K in back child support by making $5,000 installments until 2017 and on top of that he has to start paying regular child support October 1st for $800 a month! They also settled the custody order for their daughter Emani. The saying ‘Its […]