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You are working out and trying to eat right but why isn’t the weight coming off??? I had asked myself that question a thousand times in my weight lost journey. For Motivational Monday I’m here to give you a PUSH..

If you just simply keep track of all the food you eat and all the exercise you do you just might be surprised at how much room for improvement there really is! Why??? How??? Its easy to have a bad day and eat something bad, or busy day and you skip a workout or two. You need to remember these things as everything adds up!


*Use a Calender to help you keep track of all your workouts including duration and intensity

*Keep a food diary. Yes! Write down EVERYTHING you put inside your mouth

My personal tips

*After a intense workout drink/eat protein!

*Water, Water, oh did I mention WATER! (add lemon, it helps!)

*As much as you workout make sure you rest just as much, your muscles need to recover

*Change up your workout routine, don’t do the same thing everyday!

*Eat what you want just smaller portions! Get rid of the large plates and eat on a smaller plate and if you go out to eat box up half your food before you even touch your plate

*Go HARD or Go HOME! I’m not saying workout so hard you pass out but workout to the point where you “feel it” 

You are closer today but doing something little than you were yesterday doing nothing! Remember that! 

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