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Admitted it, we ALL do these things some more than others.  I’m here to help! (and help myself),

9 BAD Habits to Break NOW!

Bad habit #1: Being Tethered to Your Cell Phone! no one needs to be plugged in 24/7. It just takes you away from living your real, non-digital life.

Bad habit #2: Being Disorganized-It allows “you to have more time, less aggravation, better health and can be a springboard for creativity.”

Bad habit #3: Always Being Late-It leaves you frazzled, creates a bad impression and is rude.

Bad habit #4: Forgetting Your Friends-Maintaining close relationships is important for a fuller life and better health very important to make TIME for your friends and loved ones.

Bad habit #5: Not Saving Money- a down economy, where you may lose your job or something unfortunate happens, makes you see that having an emergency fund is even more important than ever.”

Bad habit #6: Shopping Too Much-Need I say more…

Bad habit #7: Bringing Work Home-You never get to decompress and rejuvenate, and it takes time away from your friends and family.

Bad habit #8: Procrastinating

Bad habit #9: Being a Pack Rat

Everyday frustrations are common, but at what point do you make a change? A different job, going back to school, getting a divorce, starting a diet – all require commitment. For more information and helpful tips on how to “Kick these Habits” log on to lifescript.com/9badhabitstobreaknow


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