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Raising a child is a challenge, and it’s exponentially harder when you’re doing it solo! Believe me I know as I”m a single mom myself. But remember we as single moms can and WILL succeed! Here are eight rules for single moms. They work for all parents, but when you’re raising kids on your own, there’s no getting around any one of them.

Rule #1 Take Charge! Take charge of your life, so you can take charge of theirs.

Rule #2 Let their dad, be their Dad! Give your kids every opportunity to have a close and healthy relationship with their father no matter of what you think of them. As long as its a healthy relationship!  Ancillary to Rule #2: Compensate for the Lack of a Dad in the Home

Rule #3 Put your Kids FIRST! The kids need you – your time, your energy, your heart, your guidance, your understanding, your discipline – they need all of you.

Rule #4 Strip Parenting Down to the Basics! Cut expectations down to size

Rule #5 Give your Kids a Home to Love! It needs be like a giant security blanket wrapped tightly around them, providing them with a powerful sense of belonging and a guaranteed refuge from the outside world.

Rule #6 Be their PARENT! not their FRIEND! Set rules and enforce them for the good of your child

Rule #7 Set Family Traditions, Make time with your kids routine at home!

Rule #8 LOVE being your kids MOM! As a single mom, appreciate what you have – kids who love you, a home full of family, years packed with great memories.

Remember as I have to..Raising kids alone is enormously challenging – and at times brutally difficult. But it’s the most amazing job you’ll ever have – and the most crucial.

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