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WOW! Watching Beyonce perform for the “Big Game” made me step UP my A Game! Who don’t want a body like that?!?!? and AFTER having a baby might I add!


What better way to kick off Motivational Mondays but giving 7 BEST Exercises you can do to jump start your way to looking like the diva herself

1. Walking-anywhere, anytime aim for at least 30min per day!

2. Interval Training-gives you a boost fitness burn more calories, loose more weight!

3. Squats– work several muscle groups — your quadriceps (“quads”), hamstrings, and gluteals (“glutes”) — at the same time.

4. Lungs- lunges work all the major muscles of your lower body.(also improves balance)

5. Push Ups-strengthen your chest, shoulders, triceps, and core muscles.

6. Bend over row with bar-You work all the major muscles of your upper back, as well as your biceps.

7. Crunches– Most effective is laying flat on floor bringing your entire body (legs and arms) up to a crunch.

For more information log on to Webmd.com/fitness/7bestexercises


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