Last year's Oscars- like many before -was essentially devoid of blackness.

All the amazing people we lost in 2016 made the year pretty devastating.


Things have been pretty tense in the United States since, as Special K puts it, “we got a president that’s loved by the Klan.” So he decided to say a spoken word poem for everyone who is coping with fear and worry in the aftermath of the devastating choice Americans made on election day last […]

With all of the success that Special K has experienced lately, he is feeling very grateful and very reflective. If you’ve been following some of the material he has created at the morning show, you know that actress Gabourey Sidibe has been the butt of many of his jokes. Sign Up For Our Newsletter! Well, […]

The morning show cast revealed some very private secrets about themselves in a team building exercise. They all agreed to keep these confessions totally secret from the public, but after receiving them all in an email, Special K decided that the world should know them. Sign Up For Our Newsletter! He goes around the room […]

Special K has received the sad news of the untimely passing of Monica’s shoes. So in order to pay our respects and honor the legacy of them, Special K has a list of 5 songs that played at the homegoing service for the shoes. Click on the audio player to hear what they are in […]

In a segment of “News You Can’t Use” Special K delivers groundbreaking culinary news from T.I., whose recent ventures in the restaurant industry have proven fruitful. Now, he’s bringing southern cuisine to a wide audience by making it cheaper and healthier, and on the go! Click on the audio player to hear about the exciting […]

In a segment of “News You Can’t Use” Special K’ dishes information out about “Ghostbusters” coming in at number two in the box office and how a new movie called “Gutbusters” will be debuting. The film is all about overweight friends that are trying to shut down fast food restaurants to open gyms. A poll […]