Not only can we look forward to an album from the “Chun-Li” rapper but we can also expect a movie coming soon from Nicki Minaj pretty soon. The Queen emcee took to Instagram to reveal that not only is she teaming up with comedienne Tina Fey on the season finale of  Saturday Night Live but she’s also […]

Migos was the center of online chatter this week after reports went out that they’d refused to appear alongside drag queens during their performance with Katy Perry on Saturday Night Live. But a rep for the group has come forth to shoot down those reports. The story going around was that Quavo, Offset and Takeoff were set to […]

Melissa McCarthy‘s impersonation of Sean Spicer on SNL over the weekend was so epic that the White House Press Secretary spoke out about it. While in Houston for the Super Bowl, Spicer spoke to Extra about the comedian’s performance, in which she poked fun at his uptight demeanor and “alternative facts” rhetoric in a press conferences. […]

It was the perfect timing to have Dave Chappelle host Saturday Night Live, only days after the country made Donald Trump its president elect.


For all my hip-hop heads that enjoy genuine music and lyrical content with that old school vibe, I have news for you. A Tribe Called Quest is releasing a new album today. Artists that you can expect to be on this album are Andre 3000, Kendrick Lamar, Busta Rhymes, and more. “A Tribe Called Quest’s […]

Solange Knowles performed on Saturday Night Live for her first time last night, singing "Cranes in the Sky" and "Don't Touch My Hair".

The live show is welcoming Solange Knowles to its stage tonight, with Benedict Cumberbatch as its host.

Beyoncé isn’t the only one who gets to exact revenge on her man’s trifling ways. Last night’s Saturday Night Live did a brilliant black and white parody of Queen Bey’sLemonade (specifically “Sorry”) except this time it was Melania Trump—and all the other women in Donald Trump’s life—who call him out for his misogyny and the recent […]

Oh, Donald. You just can’t let Saturday Night Live get under your skin like this! Anybody presidential enough to take a seat in the Oval Office should also be able to let any SNL digs wash right over them instead of bothering their fragile ego. But not Donald, nope. He is angry on this beautiful […]

Longtime Saturday Night Live favorites Jay Pharoah and Taran Killam will not be returning for the show’s 42nd season this fall. The news of the cast shakeup was first reported by TVLine, and subsequently confirmed by several other outlets. While no reason was given for the change, Killam confirmed in a recent interview with Uproxx […]

With all of the hilarious Saturday Night Live skits that Drake has done, there are surprisingly a few more locked away in the NBC vault.

HILARIOUS: Drake gets mad at everyone from the saturday night live crew including the cleaning crew. Point of story, don’t make Drake mad and expect him not to retaliate.