Taylor Swift let the shots fly last night during the Grammy’s last night. Swift, who kicked the Grammys off with a performance of “Out of the Woods,” won three awards tonight for Album of the Year, Best Music Video, and Best Pop Vocal Album.

Drake claps back at madonna, During the kickoff to his “Jungle Tour” in Houston on Sunday, which capped off the second annual Houston Appreciation Weekend, the Canadian rapper switched up the lyrics to his song “Madonna” off his mixtape If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late. Instead of the original line, “You could be big as […]

  Well, it looks like Dr. Dre is sharing his fortune with the people. Dr. Dre was having a couple of drinks at the Skybar in West Hollywood’s Mondrian Hotel on June 12, and he ordered some shots of tequila. What makes this story awesome? That would be the tip that Dre left the waitress as […]

If you were looking for defensive in the 2014 NBA All-Star game, you were sorely out of luck. The scoring affair that took place saw the East and West teams put up a mind-boggling score of 163-155, with an East Conference comeback win. The output of the scoring and victory was a record-setting night with […]

  The U.S. Capitol has been placed under lockdown following shots fired at the outside the west part of the building.  Law enforcement has been called to the scene.  A spokesman for the Washington D.C. Metropolitan Police Dept. said they currently have no information on the shooting incident: We’re investigating, we’re on the scene trying […]


  Your boy Major is repping for all the BIG BOYS out here. 11 year old Matt Demember in Maryland makes an incredible buzzer beater shot! Now who says you have to be certain height or weight to ball out lol. Check out the video of the little hommie Matt below.    

Waka Flocka Flame’s name was inspired by the Muppets character Fozzie Bear, who’s signature phrase is “Waka! Waka!,” but the producers of the new Muppets movie might not be so flattered, as they’ve taken aim at the rapper. At about the 1 hour mark in the film bad guy Tex Richman (played by Chris Cooper) introduces […]

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Via:Necolebitchie.com Diddy fired shots at 50 cents during the BET Awards Post Awards show. “Let’s stop the hate man. Congratulate. Hate is for suckas. If you hatin’, you’re a sucka. You’re ashy and your breathe stink. You know I’m talking to you hating azz crab!”   50 Cent has dissed him in various interviews over […]