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FEATURING MUSIC FROM… 1. We Good – Fabolous x Rich Homie Quan 2. 2 Legited 2 Quited – Sauce Walka 3. All Day – Kanye West 4. Mosh Pit – Flosstradamus x Casino 5. Flicka Dat Wrist – Chedda Da Connect 6. Addicted To My Ex – M-City Jr 7. Whole Thang DJ Scream x […]

In front of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Kendrick leads a nation under a groove for the cover of his sophomore album, To Pimp A Butterfly. Really deep cover if you ask me…. No doubt that bruh will deliver a classic.  Album drops March 23. Pre-order yours today. LEAVE COMMENTS BELOW

I feel for bruh but with a name like Bobby “Shmurda” what did we really expect…? smh

Fast Forward To The 4:07 mark Now THIS IS REAL RAP!!!! Wish we had more artists like Kendrick and If this is a preview of the new album to come it’s going platinum if not DIAMOND!! 

LMAO So it’s becoming apparent that neither sides in the Tyga Vs Drake beef are willing to let this one go. Drake was the last one to swing by sending subliminal messages to Tyga’s B.M. Blac Chyna…. This time it’s all about Tyga hiring Drake’s Ex to star as his main chick in his new […]

No matter how petty all this seems to be it’s starting to look like ish is about to hit the roof. Over the past week or two Tyga has been sending subliminals at his BM, ex-stripper, big booty girlfriend Black Chyna. WELL apparently Mama Black Chyna is tired of it and now wants parts of Tyga […]

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In an interview with Funk Master Flex Birdman spoke on the beef that’s been cooking up between his two artists Drake, and Tyga who seems to be the one deepest in his feelings out of the two ironically…..

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Those Flu-Shots and Flinstone Chewables aren’t going to cut it this season homie!! Ebola is out here lurkin, and some doctor from who knows where say’s his new Ebola-C vitamin (Not Yet FDA Approved) will hopefully, probably, maybe save your life (For just $34.95)! SMMFH FOR FULL STORY CLICK HERE

  Ok either Justin Bieber is in the illuminati and just doesn’t give a damn or he’s as dumb as a box of rock because since he’s gotten into all this trouble here in the states he’s been placed on our “Homeland Security Watch List”, being that he’s originally from Canada, and in so much […]

Floyd Mayweather Sr., Floyd’s father and trainer has been billed to referee the “Celebrity Boxing Match” that’s set to go down next month in March with child murderer George Zimmerman going toe to toe with rapper DMX.   It’s sad to see a murderer like George Zimmerman receiving all of tho publicity post trial, and […]