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Waka Flocka Flame’s name was inspired by the Muppets character Fozzie Bear, who’s signature phrase is “Waka! Waka!,” but the producers of the new Muppets movie might not be so flattered, as they’ve taken aim at the rapper.

At about the 1 hour mark in the film bad guy Tex Richman (played by Chris Cooper) introduces his crew of fake, evil Muppets called “The Moopets.”

In the scene a fake Miss Piggy introduces the real Fozzie Bear to fake Fozzie Bear, aptly named “Waka Waka.” The character is outfitted in stacks of gold chains and a large “WW” chain, and a black beanie. He also has a deep voice and a tougher attitude than the original Fozzie Bear.

Hip-hop fans obviously caught the subliminal jab, but do you think it was all in fun?


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