New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio announced Friday that the dilapidated and notorious Rikers Island jail complex will close, with the process taking up to 10 years.


David Owens was leaving a late night shift at the Macy's flagship store when he was approached by two police officers in a train car for a crime he did not commit.

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When 22-year-old Kalief Browder took his life, New York City heaved. Browder spent three years on Rikers Island, the infamous New York City jail where he…


John Legend hasn’t been keeping quiet on police brutality or mass incarceration. Now, he is taking it a step further with his essay for Vulture speaking out… Lil Wayne’s countdown to freedom is inching closer and closer every day. It’s actually next month, tentatively on November 4, and his Cash Money Records family is anxiously awaiting his arrival. There were rumors that Weezy would hold a concert at New York’s Madison Square Garden the day after he’s released. However, Birdman says […]

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(AllHipHop News) A guard on Rikers Island could face disciplinary action for allegedly giving superstar rapper Lil Wayne preferential treatment in the prison. An investigation has been launched over the alleged actions of Captain Latanya Brown, who is accused of spending extra time with Lil Wayne. Additionally, the New York Post reports that Captain Brown […]

Via:Ballerstatus Lil Wayne got a surprise last Wednesday (April 28), when Diddy headed over to the Riker’s Island prison facility to pay him a visit. Diddy’s visit to the incarcerated rapper was limited to a one hour. However, he is among the pre-approved visitors allowed to see Wayne while he serves his time. Accordig to […]

Via:Thisis50 A former Rikers guard says she was canned after a bad rap – a claim she tried to sneak a peek at Lil Wayne in lockup. Amelia Negron, who is preparing a federal suit against the city, said union higherups forced her to falsely confess she was trying to star-gawk. “I don’t even like […]

Via: A Very Good Source Are you a huge Lil Wayne Fan? Do you want to write him? Well i have done some digging and some calling and here is what i found!  I can’t guarantee that your message will be received. But it just might you never know….. Eric M. Taylor Center (EMTC) Dwayne […] After three delays, a new Twitter account and stockpiling new songs and videos, the time has come for Lil Wayne. Lil Wayne reported to a New York City courthouse today to begin his one year jail sentence. As previously reported Wayne’s sentencing was postponed three times; February 9th, March 2nd and March 3rd, all leading up to […] According to Sandra Rose, Lil Wayne is getting death threats from New York Crips, who say they are waiting for him in New York City’s notorious Rikers Island prison. Lil Wayne is constantly promoting the Bloods, their “soowoop” catch phrase, colors and slang. He was previously accosted by L.A. Crips, including G-Unit rapper, 40-Glocc […]