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(AllHipHop News) A guard on Rikers Island could face disciplinary action for allegedly giving superstar rapper Lil Wayne preferential treatment in the prison.

An investigation has been launched over the alleged actions of Captain Latanya Brown, who is accused of spending extra time with Lil Wayne.

Additionally, the New York Post reports that Captain Brown allegedly allowed the rapper to stay in his cell, while other inmates were ordered out of their bunks and into the recreation yard.

The prison has a zero tolerance policy when it comes to showing favoritism towards any inmate.

In April, just one month after the rapper started his year-long sentence for attempted criminal possession of a weapon, a guard at the complex was fired for allegedly spying on Lil Wayne.

Amelia Negron was fired for glimpsing at Lil Wayne, although she denied the charges, claiming her union boss forced her to make a confession.

This is not the first time a rapper has caused controversy on Rikers Island.

In June of 2009, it was revealed that Foxy Brown allegedly received preferential treatment during her 9-month stay on Rikers Island in 2006.

The rapper held a photo shoot and allegedly received unlimited phone/TV use, makeup, luxury clothing and outside meals.

In October of 2009, Correction Chief Peter Curcio and a Rabbi named Leib Glanz resigned over the scandal, after the Brown reports, in addition to allegations that Rabbi Glanz arranged a lavish bar mitzvah for an inmate’s son.



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