A 2-year-old boy in Georgia can’t get the kidney transplant he needs because his father violated probation. This story made me say #WTFasho! I can’t believe something like this. What are your thoughts? (BSCOTT) [youtube=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vlCBO1Pj9UU&w=620&h=349]

A listener wrote into Dime’s Diary expressing their thoughts on the death of Harambe, 17-Year Old Gorilla at the Cincinnati Zoo. Check out their thoughts and stand on what happen to see if you agree.

Parents please watch what your kids are doing on Facebook. Two girls are facing charges after a bomb threat was posted on social media. Dayton Independent Schools said, “Our school district has received a threat that has concerned our district administrators and city police department enough to decide to close school for today.” CLICK HERE TO SEE […]

I know this is nothing new.   Another young person killed a by a Police officer. This time a 6 year old Autistic boy named Jeremy Mardis.   I’ll let you see the video for yourself. Watch it below, then let me know your thoughts?  CLICK HERE FOR MORE

Congrats to the homie Big Sean he is always doing good in the hood this time he promised the kids at his old high school that if they raised their ACT scores, Sean told them he would build them a recording studio. With the help of adidas, he did just that and opened the 784-square-foot […]

  Parents you should never laugh at your kid you should always encourage your child. I have kids of my own and I would never do a thing like this. Check out the video below!!!

  Check out this 6 year old riding his dads Harley in and open road!!!   Like Our Facebook Page! Recent Updates The World’s First Marijuana Vending Machine California Passed Fugitive Slave Law On This Day In 1852 DeVon Franklin Prayed With Lindsay Lohan… JOIN THE OFFICIAL WIZNATION FACEBOOK FAN PAGE FOLLOW US ON TWITTER – @1011WIZF Follow […]

  This Atlanta high school cheerleader has tumbled her way into The Guinness Book of World Records! According to reports, Mikayla Clark broke the record for most consecutive back handsprings at Westlake High School’s homecoming game Friday night. As the crowd and her teammates cheered on, the 16-year-old completed 44 backflips in a row, breaking the previous […]

Rapper T.I. stopped in to the At Work Network to talk about his role on the show ‘Boss’ and his other ventures other than music. T.I. talked about his books and how they relate to his life. He also talked about his family. But the most memorable moment is when T.I. talks about getting old […]

Guess this is proof you’re never too old to turn tricks lol! Centerville, Iowa Police arrested an 83 year old man on charges of prostitution. The investigation of Ben Clifford Dawson of Centerville kicked off on October 22. Dawson is listed as a candidate for Centerville City Council! According to police, they received a complaint […]

[VIDEO] 75 People Brawl at 3-Year Old Birthday Party What does 75 people plus a 3 year old equals?  Well it should be a Happy Birthday Celebration tead it was a huge disaster!

Girl, 15, Pleads Guilty to Killing Sleeping Mom What would make a teenage daughter want to take their own Mother’s life? Take a look at this story here.