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Olympic Gold Medalist Gabby Douglas continues to break barriers and records going for the Gold in Rio for the Olympics.  Unfortunately. she can not break away from the wrath of social media’s disrespectful comments about her hair. She finally speaks on it and talks about the effects of it.

Brooklyn Flavors: We’ve bottled some Brooklyn historical neighborhoods and streets with a scent of their own. From the art, to the books, music, to underneath…


Every woman cares about her hair, but there’s an extra special emphasis when it comes to black women! The general rule: no matter what, keep it done. This is a recession proof fact; regardless of the status of the country’s economy you better believe it’s in the budget to visit the hairdresser. RELATED: “My Black […]


The Black community needs a wake up call. The phenomena known as “sagging jeans” while asthetically unflatterring, is far less harmful than, say, black hair care products is to the black community, but noone is talk about it. (except for me that it!) Do a quick google search of your own opinions and weigh in […]